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During this pandemic, many of us put our free time to use by sharing jokes and sayings and other tidbits through various media platforms. Right at the start of the virus I created a file for all of the incoming material. The majority of this book comes from or is influenced by the 1352 messages therein. Here is a random collection of sayings, jokes, and links. Some you have seen and some are ‘groaners’, but in this minor collection you might be able to break a smile or even indulge in a quiet laugh or two. Wink, wink.

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On All The Other Days is a memoir of the multi dimensional renaissance journey of author Clint Ward. It is a rare glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ of a life well lived, interwoven with epic proportions of high flying adventure sportsmanship and world travel. Revel in the details of this literary and photographic odyssey penned by a prairie boy from Saskatoon, growing up in the 30s and chronicling eight decades of determination, luck. Ambition and ultimate achievement. He enjoys life in a faster lane than most and is grateful to share his story that is still unfolding On All The Other Days.

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Clint’s research on women pilots during the Second World War in England led to his writing a play called Spitfire Dance which was about the Air Transport Auxiliary and their women pilots. The play opened in the fall of 2014 at Canada’s War Museum in Ottawa.

For more information, click here to go to the Spitfire Dance website.

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Robert Service gave us the stimulation we craved on long winter nights.  An actor of feeling and talent could illuminate the poems and it would be a good evening of fun and laughter which is just what we need. Turn on the lights and watch a single actor bring Robert Service to life again. Enjoy.